Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New years eve makeup look, Eylure lashes, Glitter and Mac Ruby woo

Hi Beauties,

Just another quick makeup look.  With New year Parties going on and everyone getting all glammed up, I decided to have a play with some makeup and came up with this look.  It was so much fun creating it.  Depending on your personality I think it is a very daring look to wear out but also very  glamorous, for me I think the lashes really finish this look and the Lipstick.... tell me what you guys think....


Smashbox photo finish primer
Clarins Everlasting Foundation 110 Honey
Clarins Mineral loose powder 03 Dark
Sleek Contour kit
Benefit Fake up concealer in 01 light
MAC powder blush 'well dressed'
MAC bronzing powder Refined Golden


NARS Smudge proof eyeshadow base
NARS soft touch shadow pencil in black (for the crease as a dark base)
Bourjois intense colour pot in Brown (this I layered on top of the Nars black pencil)
NARS White shimmer eyeshadow (blended from the brown cut crease shadow to the brow bone)
Vaseline and Loose gold glitter mixed together and dabbed onto the actual eyelid.
Bourjois Kohl and contour to line the waterline and under the lower lash line.
Eylure Intense eyelashes 145


Benefit Browzings in medium
MAC studio finish concealer NC20 (to outline the brow)



There you go thats what you will need to re-create this look too.  As I mentioned it was so much fun and glitter got everywhere.  Follow me on Instagram where I will post a quick clip of this makeup look so you can see it not in picture form, you can find at @beautybyhanan

What will your New years eve make up be?


Sunday, 29 December 2013

Hair mask recipe for hair growth and shiny hair. Using olive oil, lemon and honey.

Hi Beauties,

I recently put a picture up of my hair on Instagram and said I would show you what I use for my hair... so here it is.

Using just regular household goods, so its really inexpensive and good for your hair!  Since I over process my own hair with hair colour and heat appliances I think it's only fair I give a bit of love back, so once a week I do this treatment.

So here is what I use and why:-


Olive oil is really moisturising and full of antioxidants which keeps the skin on the scalp stay healthy, moisturised and conditioned which results in better stronger hair growth.  I also heard that there is a hormone called DTH and this hormone causes the hair follicles to narrow, resulting in hair loss!  Olive oil apparently stops this hormone from narrowing your hair follicles so you can have hair for longer...YAY more olive oil please not to mention it makes your hair shiny too.


The acid in Lemons helps exfoliate the scalp of any dead skin cells AKA dandruff and so in turn makes our scalps clearer and healthier for healthy hair growth.  Thats where the olive oil (above ) comes in handy as it then moisturises the scalp, as the acidy lemon can be drying.
Lemon has been know to strengthen hair roots and give shiny hair.
For you blondes out there if you use lemon on your hair in the sun it can lighten it, but use with caution as it can be drying.


Honey has lots of health benefits and has antibacterial qualities.  It is known as a Humectant which basically means it locks in moisture and again keeping the scalp clean and moisturised leaving the hair shiny and glossy.

So now you know why I use all of those products, mixing them together only seems to make sense as they all compliment each other.
I have noticed a huge difference in my hair, it seems to have gotten longer quicker and looks more healthier.  I've even had people asking me if I use hair extensions!

Ok so this is how to make it.

Step 1
Heat the olive oil in a pan, then wait for it to cool, but not get cold, basically enough to be able to touch it and not burn yourself.  Use as much olive oil as you like depending on your hairs thickness and length.

Step 2
Squeeze lemon into a bowl and pour in some honey, I used a whole lemon and about 4 tablespoons of honey for my hair.  Then pour the warm olive oil into the bowl and mix mix mix...

Step 3
On dry unwashed hair section your hair, I did 4 sections, 2 on top and 2 on the bottom, then I covered my hair in the olive oil, lemon and honey mix, making sure it was all massaged into my scalp and I brushed it through.

Step 4
Tie your hair up in a bun, then using cling film wrap it up and then wrap it again with a scarf or towel to keep it in place.  The natural heat from your head will warm up the cling film and keep the heat trapped in, helping the honey and olive oil absorb more into your hair.

Step 5
Leaving it on as long as you like, I tend to leave mine on overnight.  Wash it off with shampoo and conditioner and you're done!!

If you rinse your hair in cold water it makes it REALLY shiny.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post,  What treatments do you use for your hair?


Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Smokey Eyes Nude Lips makeup look

Hi Beauties,

This is a make up look I did when I went out on saturday evening.  Smokey evening eyes, I love dark eyes with nude lips.

I will post some pics of the final look and a list of the products used.  Excuse the untidy eyebrows!
Also I have not put actual false lash strips on, I have currently got semi permanent eyelash extensions on, which I have had since November 14th!  I defined with a little mascara.



Smashbox photo finish primer
Clarins Everlasting Foundation 110 Honey
Clarins Mineral loose powder 03 Dark
Sleek Contour kit
MAC Blush Gleeful


NARS Smudge proof eyeshadow base
NARS White shimmer eyeshadow
MAC Mineralize Blue Flame eyeshadow
Bourjois Khol & Contour pencil in black (used for inner water line and under lower lash line)
Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid liner in black (used for the top eyelid to draw the flick)
Maxfactor Wild Mega Volume Mascara in Black


NYX circe LSS522
Benefit Ultra shines Spiked Punch

If you have any questions I would love to hear them.


Monday, 23 December 2013

Soap & Glory Soaper Heroes Kit

Hi Beauties!

I am back!!  I was in Boots the other day, I was aimlessly wondering around the aisles thinking what else can I spend my money on, at this point I didn't actually NEED anything else it was more a case of WANTING.  So I turn down the aisle with the Soap and Glory products!  Bingo, I found exactly what I WANTED!

Soap and Glory Soaper Heroes!  It contains 5 of their best sellers which are Flake Away (Body Scrub), The Righteous Butter (Body Cream), Clean on me (Shower Gel), Girligo (Moisturising Body Mist) and Hand food (Hand Cream).  I am a big fan of Soap and Glory their smells are AMAZING!! It lasts all day and it reminds me of the perfume, Christian Dior Ma Cherie, as they are both very sweet smells.

Flake Away (Body scrub)

Loving this scrub it doesn't feel too harsh on the skin like some scrubs can feel, but yet it does an amazing job at giving you AMAZINGLY smooth skin.  My body felt really soft after I used this in my shower.  This has Shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar.... no wonder my skin felt smooth.

The Righteous Butter (Body Cream)

Gorgeously thick and beautiful smelling, a little goes a long way I used this after I used the Flake away.  Seriously amazing especially on my elbows and Knees.  This body cream contains softening shea butter and aloe vera.

Clean on me (shower gel)

Really nice shower gel went on like a dream and felt really creamy and thick.  Left my skin feeling moisturised after washing it off.  It contains natural mandarin peel and built in body lotion....ahhh thats why my skin felt really moisturised...

 Hand Food (Hand Cream)

This is with me wherever I go!  My hands are REALLY dry at the moment the weather condition and doing the dishes at home just doesn't help.  Hand Food gave my hands instant relief and felt soothed and soft as soon as I put it on.  This hand cream has shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow.... wow good enough to eat!!

Girligo (Moisturising body mist)

I use this everyday I've had people asking what fragrance am I wearing.  It lasts all day and leaves a shiny glittery sheen behind on the skin.   Great if you are showing a bit of flesh off for a party and smells so good its a win win body mist!

Overall glad I repurchased (I use soap and glory loads more in the summer) these mini soap and glory products for me its a quick reminder of how much I do love all of the soap and glory products and for a Soap and glory virgin its a nice set to try out all the products before you commit to a larger sized one.

Personally for me you can't go wrong with this set, they are also travel friendly because of their sizes.  Whats there not to love about these popcorn, marshmallow sweet smelling beauties.

Soap and Glory Soaper Heroes is £13.50 and can be purchased from HERE

Are you a Soap and Glory Fan?  Which is your Favourite?


Saturday, 30 November 2013

Christian Dior Hydra Life BB Creme

Hi Beauties!

How are we all doing?  Today I wanted to do a post on my Christian Dior BB creme.  I bought this for the summer and have found myself using it again now in the colder months, heres why...

The Christian Dior BB creme in shade 02 Golden Peach

The BB Creme Swatch

The BB creme blended

The final look

I've tried a fair few BB creams but this has to be my favourite one. I love that it comes in a pump tube I find this very handy.  It is very pigmented unlike some BB cremes that can leave you feeling like 'what was the point in that', this doesn't leave you feeling like that.  You only need a VERY small amount for your whole face and it gives a completely flawless look I have found it to be build able to about medium coverage and leaves my skin looking dewy.

I find it to be really moisturising and to avoid a shiny T-zone area, I just use powder throughout the day for those areas.  I love how hydrating it feels on my skin and that is why I have started recently using it again, my skin has been struggling with the colder weather and getting drier but using this as my main foundation has seemed to solve that problem!  

Its added benefit is that it has an SPF 30 with added plant extracts. it makes me feel as though I am being kind to my skin.  It also has a lovely fresh scent.

The Christian Dior BB creme comes in 3 shades, 01, 02 and 03 some people have found it hard to find a match.  I opted for the 02 as 01 was too light and 03 too dark, 02 warms up my skin tone nicely.

Christian Dior BB creme can be purchased for £41 from HERE It's a little on the pricier side of things but because it is really pigmented and only a small amount is needed at a time, it most definitely is value for money in the long run.

Have you lovelies tried any BB cremes before?  Which is your favourite?


Sunday, 24 November 2013

Competition time! to win La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe worth £204 from House of Fraser!

Hi Beauties!!

Guess what House of Fraser are running a competition to win ONE OF FIVE La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Masks!  One of the best sleep masks on the market and at £204 and being someone who does love skincare I couldn't resist entering the competition myself, my skin is really dry lately it would be a dream if I actually won!!

Since I'm such a lovely person (hehe) here is the link so that you guys can enter the competition yourselves too HERE all you have to answer is when should the mask be used?  The name is in the title lovelies!! Hurry the competition ends Monday.

Good Luck!!


MAC Lipstick in DIVA

Fun Collage

MAC Diva Lipstick

The Lip Swatch

The Arm Swatch

Hello Beauties!!!

Look look look!!  This is my latest obsession I cant get enough of this lipstick!!  I am wearing it nearly everyday!!
I was shopping in the Mac store in Westfields the other day, I had popped in to get a shimmery bronzer when I saw a girl sitting down waiting to get served by a Mac makeup Consultant and she had this lippy on!!  I couldn't resist so I approached her and she told me which one it was, so pretty lady if you are reading this Thank you!! 

This shade is a deep berry with slight purple and plum undertones and I'd imagine it would suit most complexions definitely compliments a darker skin tone like myself.  It made my teeth look really white too.  I am more a nude lip fan and feel most in my comfort zone with a nude lip but this colour is so bold I'm liking the change.   Its such a strong lip colour it would suit more of a natural eye look (unlike mine in the photos haha) I'm thinking more along the lines of just lashings of mascara.

This shade is matte so most matte shades have a long lasting effect but the staying power of this shade is AMAZING!!  It lasts me all day I kid you not and after 10 thousands cups of tea, coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner the colour still lingered on my lips.  As with most matte lipsticks they can be rather drying on the lips and any dry skin will show up with this lipstick as I soon found out for myself.  A quick tip would be to exfoliate your lips and put some lip balm on before application.

This Mac shade can be found here Mac Diva Lipstick for £15.00.

Have any of you tried Mac Diva Lipstick?  What are your thoughts and how do you wear yours?


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

FARMALINE....my products review PART 1

Hiya  Beauties,

Recently I was contacted by Farmaline to see if I would like to try out some of their products they stock... so of course I happily accepted and within a matter of days I recieved a lovely parcel full of goodies.....

So many of you may be wondering who Farmaline are? Well they are an online pharmacy who stock all the european skincare brands that are harder to purchase or find in stock here in the UK.  Brands such as Bioderma, La Roche Posay and Lierac.  There are plenty others too, If you are a sucker for skincare then you will love having a shop on their website which can be found HERE.

I have been trying out the products and I'm in love!!  I have decided to do the FARMALINE post as two posts so I can ramble on about my skincare love affair with these beautiful products and it not come across as a really BIG post haha, well that's the idea....

Lets start rolling on with the reviewing now.... my first product is......


  • Lierac Gel Douche Sensoriel, made up of 3 white flowers that smelt soft, elegant and pretty infact for me it resembled one of my favourite perfumes Narciso Rodriguez for her which was a delight as it made me it an even more enjoyable experience to use!!  I only needed a 5p size amount and it lathered up really well. It has a anti-dehydration effect and my skin actually did feel more hydrated for longer but im not sure if that had a lot to do with my next item......

  • Lierac Huile Sensorielle This multi use oil again made up of 3 white flowers, was so amazing I'm so upset that I have now finished it!!  More potent than the Gel douche sensorial, I poured it on my body (yes I did just say poured it on this stuff is amazing)  after a shower/bath and it left my skin smelling amazing and extremely hydrated.  You can also use this on your face and hair!! Try it you will smell of 3 pretty flowers.

  • Lierac Luminescence this light shimmery serum I used as a highlighter on my cheekbones but also mixed a small amount with my foundation to give a luminous glowing effect.  The Luminescence targets visiable flaws on the surface such as redness, dark spots and uneven skin tone.  Not only does it work on the surface but it also penetrates deep down to target problem areas.  I would use some mixed in my night cream too.  Overall a lovely product.

And now for....


What a wonderful cream!!  It is designed for those who have itchy dry prone skin and is designed for the whole family, with that in mind I tried it on my daughters arm as they both suffer from eczema and it worked a treat!  Since winter is here and we are predicted a tough winter if you suffer from dry chapped skin in the colder months then this is defiantly worth it.  It can be found HERE for £15.18 for a 200ml bottle.



Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween look Vampire-esque

Hi Beauties!

For my second Halloween look I went for a Vampire-esque look, this look involved a lot more contouring or shall I say exaggerated contouring...

So for this look you will need

  • Face paint White, Red and Black
  • Bronzer
  • Liquid eye liner
  • Pink eyeshadow
  • Black eyeshadow
  • Kohl eye pencil
  • False lashes
  • Red contact Lenses (optional)

Base:-  I used the white face paint applied with the sponge, making sure it dried so that you don't drag the paint.  With a Makeup brush apply bronzer on the hollows of your cheek bones and really exaggerate the lines (don't worry about blending) then run it down the side of your nose connecting the bronzer lines on the nose to your eyebrows.

Eyes:- Get a blending eye brush and dab pink eyeshadow around the whole eye socket area in a circular motion then get black eyeshadow and blend onto your top lid.  Using liquid eyeliner (I used Rimmel exaggerate) do a really thick winged eyeliner taking up most of your top eyelid then bring the eyeliner down and under your lower eyelid filling it in with more pink eyeshadow then top off with false lashes.

Eyebrows and Lips:- Fill in the front of your eyebrows with an angled brush using the black face paint making them square and prominent then getting the kohl eye pencil, place it at the tips of your eyebrows where your brow arches and do 3 flicks towards the head.
For Lips paint half a lip with black face paint and on the other side of the lip paint it red bring the red paint towards the chin as though blood is seeping.

To finish the look I used Red eye contacts.  I find using eye contacts really finished the look but you don't have to use them.

Have fun recreating this look I would love to see your versions on this look.

Happy Halloween, have fun, be safe and don't scare too many people ;)


Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Hi Beauties!!

Oh my goodness all I can say is this month I have been a naughty girl, I haven't blogged as much as I would have liked, I am going through a career change and trying to juggle my family... CHAOS!

With Halloween fast approaching I ended up doing two halloween looks as I feel most comfortable doing makeup looks.  Now my first is slightly scary ...maybe too scary for some?  I saw inspiration online and I had to recreate it....

Scary right?  So for you guys to recreate this look you will need:

  • Face Paint Red, White and Black
  • Black kohl eye pencil
  • Angled makeup brush 
  • Sponge
  • Yellow eye contact (optional)

For the normal side of my face it was just the make up I had been wearing during the day and I wiped one side of my face makeup off.

Base-  I used normal face paint that I purchased from a toy store Smyths.  Using the sponge provided and the white paint I dabbed it all on one side of my face, making sure it had dried so that I didn't drag any wet paint.

Red lines:- Now this is where you can get creative using an angled makeup brush and the red paint I drew on some red scratch marks on my forehead and filled them in, then a swirly scratch across my cheek...

Lastly teeth and eye:- The final touch using my Bourjois Kohl eyeliner pencil I drew my teeth across my face and outlined my angled dark eye, I then filled in the eye area with the black paint in the face paint palette.

Tada! All done!  to complete the look and give it that edgy look I used a yellow eye contact for more scare factor.

Quick and easy have fun recreating!


Sunday, 13 October 2013

THE AUTUMN TAG....better late then never ....

Hi Beauties!!

I was tagged waaay back in september by the lovely Betti from Makeup'Asylum she has a great blog check her out HERE.

Autumn Tag is a series of fun questions to answer about the season Autumn and what you like..... perhaps giving inspiration to others... have fun reading.

Let's get down to business...

Favourite Drink

I find this an easy one, I'm a hot drink drinker all year round I have coffees, teas, mint teas, herbal teas and so on... so when autumn kicks in I tend to Spice them up a little, I love putting in a cinnamon stick into a normal cup of tea, you know..tetleys tea bag, splash of milk two sugars AND then a cinnamon stick! Yep! Thats right, its lovely, if you're into cinnamon defiantly try this one out.

Fave Scent/ Candle

I love warm smells during the colder months, so vanilla has to win this one, its relaxing warm and cosy another favourite is a Candle from NEXT its a festive spice that you can smell in the home even when the candle is not burning here is a picture of it.

Best Lipstick?

I love deeper colours on my lips in autumn, plums, reds, deep berry, burgandys are all really nice rich colours. My favourites at the mo are Burberry bright plum and MAC Up The Amp.  I tend to wear the strong lips in the evening and tone them down for the day.

Go to Moisturiser?

With the harsh weather taking a toll on my skin I'm really into oils at the minute, I apply the Rana Argan oil and change it up with the Coconut oil then I put Clarins Hydra quench cream to lock it all in. For my body I am using the Soap and Glory 'The Daily Smooth' body butter.  I find it really moisturising and it smells divine too!

Go to Colour for eyes?

Bring on the smokey eye! That is my fave look I love to wear it with bronzed browns, nudes, plums any rich deep colour you can smoke out.  I am loving Bourjois little round pot eyeshadows.

Favourite music to listen to?

Hmmm I had a think and I definitely don't think my taste in music changes... but what I will say is that the season tends to make me feel a little sad so I tend to wack on the Adele 21 album and sing my heart out... (in the car) :)

Favourite outfit to wear?

I live in leggings, jumper dresses, big jumpers, cute skater dresses with thick black tights, big jackets Scarves, gloves, boots, long boots, shoe heeled boots, low boots..... as you can see I love dressing for the autumn season!

Autumn treat?

I love to update my wardrobe with a few newer items, I update my makeup collection and buy loads of slippers.... you can never have enough pairs of slippers right?

Favourite place to be?

At home snuggled up on the sofa with a hot drink and a good film with my little family.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading my Autumn Tag.... until next time lovelies xxx


Sunday, 6 October 2013

RANA Argan Oil my thoughts...

Hello Beauties!!

As you may know if you read my blog, that I attended The Bloggers Love Event recently.  Whilst I was there I saw many stands one of which was Rana Argan Oil.  It was run by the lovely Eylem and Neil.  Eylem talked me through their products and told me that they had sourced their products from Morocco and that they were pure and nothing else was added to them.  Eylem then put some Argan oil on my hand and I could insistantly smell the  familiar rich nutty typical argan oil smell.  Since im a product junkie I instantly purchased a Bottle of Argan oil, Bottle of Rana Toner, and a pot of their Clay firming mask.

My lovely products from Rana Argan Oil, with a face flannel and wash bag.

Rana Argan Oil

Many of you may have heard of Argan oil before, dubbed the 'Miracle oil' or 'Liquid Gold'. This is because it is one of the rarest oils in the world, found only in Morocco along the Atlas mountains from the Argan nut tree.

So why is Argan oil so good?  Argan oil is rich in Vitamin E, and essential fatty acids which make it the perfect oil for any skin complaints it also protects against premature skin ageing by penetrating the skin deeper and neutralising against free radicals that age us (pollution, radiation, smoke etc).

It is also believed to help eczema, psoriasis and acne.  Argan oil is good for your hair making it shiny whilst also restoring dry damaged hair.  It can help reduce the look of stretch marks and scars and to help grow healthy strong nails.  The benefits are endless...

Now enough about what Argan oil can do for you more about what I thought of Rana Argan oil.  From looking at the bottle I know I was onto a winner. Rana Argan oil package their Argan oil in aluminium bottles, if argan oil is bottled in a clear bottle it has the risk of going off and rancid.  The oil its self sunk into my skin but still felt rich in consistancy, many companies who sell argan oil mix it with water and claim its 100% pure, it tends to smell less nutty and more 'nice' Argan oil is not supposed to smell 'nice'.  Rana Argan oil smells nutty and not so nice but thats how it's supposed to smell.
 I loved how it felt on my skin I have been using it at night, A little goes a long way so you only need a small amount, I put two drops in the palm of my hand and then press it into the whole of my face and up my neck.
Recently I have been mixing the oil in with the Rana Toner and Rana Firming Clay mask to make a really luxurious face mask.  I bought the larger bottle which is 100ml and retails at £23.00 HERE

Rana Toner

Rana toner is made from the roses found in morocco, also known as Damascena roses it has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, it has been known to help fade black spots (marks and scars) on the skin and clarify your skin tone, making it even and smooth.
It can also be used in the bath leaving your skin feeling supple and moisturised.

I tend to use the Rana Toner in the morning after my face wash to remove any traces of argan oil I may have on my face from the night before.

Rana Toner has a musty smell.  It comes in a handy spray bottle that I find useful throughout the day to spray on my face over my makeup ( I recently discovered it sets my makeup too).

The Rana toner came in a generous sized bottle and retails at £12.00 HERE

Clay Firming Mask

Rana Clay firming mask is also known as rhassoul/ghassoul, found and sourced in the Atlas mountains in Morocco.  It claims to heal and soothe skin, it has a high amount of natural silica that helps with acne.  It also has a tightening effect on the skin similar to botox.

When I used it I left it on for 40 mins despite on the instructions it says 10-15 mins, this should not be done as it left my face red, so I suggest sticking to the time recommended. (the redness lasted only 5mins).  As the mask dried it became rock hard on my face, I could feel it working!  When I washed it off using hot water and the Rana Argan flannel my face was the cleanest its been in a long time, I even put toner on a cotton pad to see if any dirt came off on the pad, but nothing, it was squeaky clean. My face felt firm almost like a mini face lift and everything had tightened, it closed any large pores I had.  I then put Rana argan oil after to nourish my skin.  This clay mask is by far my favourite and I can't wait to experiment with the clay.  As I mentioned above you can put the Rana toner in and a drop of Rana argan oil into the clay mask and mix together, works a treat!  This fantastic firming clay mask does what it says on the tin and retails at £13.00 for 100g HERE and since you only need a little with the water... its a bargain!

How to make Clay firming Mask

It's really simple all you have to do is get a bowl (any bowl, it doesn't have to be heart shaped :)), find a spatula or spoon and mix up with hot/warm water until a paste forms.


Here I am with my lovely looking face mask on and how the paste should look.... (yes a bit like mud :))

Just a quick note, I have not been payed to do this post nor have I been asked to do it.  It was simply because I have Moroccan roots therefor have used these products in Morocco before and know that Rana Argan oil sell authentic products so I wanted to share this lovely company with you guys.

I hope you have enjoyed my post on Rana Argan Oil and you can find all their lovely products here http://www.ranaarganoil.co.uk


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