Saturday, 10 August 2013

Grey Smokey Eye Party look

Hi Beauties!

Today I wanted to post a make-up I have done on my friend before.  Usually when I do Make-up on someone I see them as a blank canvas and for me to 'paint' a beautiful portrait......sooooo we discussed colours and what she wanted.. she was wearing a stunning grey dress (she hasnt got the dress on in the pic :)), so it was only natural we chose a heavy Grey Smokey eye seeing as she was going out partying!!

Any way as I mentioned because of all this blank canvas talk I tend to let the makeup lead me and I tend to mix, blend, swirl, you name it I do it and the results are usually amazing....

..... pretty little thang right? so now ill show you which eyeshadow palettes I used on her.  For the inner corner I used Mac pigment Vanilla....

Then using the famous V method (which I will do a demo for you guys if you wish??) I used the Urban Decay Naked palette Creep for the V I then blended Gunmetal into the Creep (in a circular swooshy motion fab for blending) then I did lots of blending and somethings not quite right.....

......So I reached for my trusty little Benefit 'Smokin eyes' palette and used Pewter Base in the centre of the eye lid and blended that nicely with the Urban Decay Naked palette Gumental and Mac vanilla pigment..... lots of blending.... finally to finish the look so the the V didnt look so harsh, above the V I blended Darkhorse and Smog from the Urban Decay Naked palette so it looked softer along the edges....

Under the lower lash line I ran a line of Urban Decay Naked palette Gunmetal using a brush then stuck some fale lashes on top and TaDa all done!

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.  If there are any particular looks you might like to see... please get in touch.  Stay Tuned!

Hanan x

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