Tuesday, 13 August 2013

My skincare routine

Hi Beauties,

How many of you have a facial regime?  Not Sure?  Don't know what order to put them in?.... read on and I will take you through how I use mine...

To start off I use the Sanctuary Deep cleaning facial.  Its a facial cleanser, I was attracted to the packaging and its clean writing.  Its pureness looked back at me from the shelf.

I have found this to be a great cleanser,  it removes all traces of my make-up and my face feels squeaky clean!  I've had this product for 3 weeks now and there is still lots of product in the bottle,  I squeeze a small 2 pence amount into the palm of my hands and I lather it up with water then wash my face.

I use it everyday AM and PM,  PM as I wear make-up everyday and AM to wash off any sweat or dirt I may have picked up from my pillow in my sleep.

I follow it with the Pore refining toner, again from the same line (Deep cleanse facial)  I tend to spritz it over my face (with my eyes closed or it stings) and neck, then I sweep a cotton pad over my face, this helps remove any cleansing product left over and the witch hazel in the toner helps avoid blemishes.

Lastly I use a moisturiser by Estee Lauder Day wear Plus,  to me it is just an all round good egg with Multi protection anti oxidants.  It only has an SPF 15 but I tend to top my sun screen up during the day with a higher factor.

It feels rich and creamy and feels as though it is actually doing something for my skin.  I apply this avoiding my eye area in a sweeping upward motion.

My eye creams vary (much like my skin care to be honest), however I am currently using Vitamin E eye cream by The Body Shop.  I apply it with my ring finger as it has the least pressure so won't damage my delicate eye area.

I dab it all around the eye socket in a gentle (but firm) motion (but no dragging) helping drain the lymph nodes around my eyes.

There you have it cleanse, tone and moisturise is your priority anything in between is an added benefit such as steaming, exfoliating and masks which I'd recommend once a week.

As an added treat I use the The Body Shop facial massager

Massage is great for blood circulation it softens expression-induced lines around mouth and forehead.
In conjunction with this I use the Clinique night mask as it makes the massager move smoothly over the face.  It is a hydrating face mask that you sleep in and wash off in the morning.  My skin feels really supple and fresh in the morning.

There you have it thats my facial routine and what I am currently using.

What is your Facial routine?  What do you use I would love to hear...

Hanan x

Disclaimer:- This is my own opinion and my own routine that works for me it is another routine for you to consider.  What works for me may not work for you.  I tend to change the products I use but my routine tends to be based around the above.  :)

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