Sunday, 29 September 2013

Bloggers_Love EVENT

Hi Beauties!

Firstly I wanted to quickly warn you all that the pictures I took for this post are of poor quality!  My apologies!

Right so lets get down to business!  I recently received an email from Bloggers_Love, inviting me to one of their events at The Penthouse in Leicester Square!  Over the moon as I have never been invited to any form of event with relation to blogging I accepted INSTANTLY! 

There were lots of stands there with their product's, I didn't manage to get a chance to take a picture of all but I had a nose at most of them, all of which were very pleasant and had great stand's.

Some are as follow's,

Miss Patina London

I really like this cute brand, Miss Patina London is a vintage inspired brand that infuse's todays trends, creating a unique YOU!  They had a really lovely jumper with a bow and tear drop pearl amongst other items of clothing.  All had so much attention to detail and were very unique!  Miss Patina London also offered a little goody bag containing a heart shaped lolly and pretty butterfly hair grip.

I have a weakness for boutique style shops this is definitely going to be one of my favourites!  You can find Miss Patina London in Topshop Oxford Circus, you can also check out their website HERE.

Handbag Lover

This stall was run by the lovely Nicola from Handbag Lover.  If you love handbags then this is for you, but if you love designer handbags but not the price tag that comes with it then Handbag Lover was made FOR YOU!  
They specialise in designer inspired bag's and purses.  They handpick all their products so that everything chosen is of premium quality!  Having looked at the bag's on offer I could instantly see the quality of the bag's!!  With a wide selection of bag's you are bound to find a bag you will LOVE!  Not only are they affordably priced, for my lucky readers today I'am going to make it even more affordable by offering you 10% off online HERE.  All you have to do it put blog10 in at the checkout... this code is valid for 5days... see how nice I am?? :) 


This boutique stall was another favourite (can you see where i'm going here... I love boutique one off clothing, bags etc), so much so that I couldn't resist this jacket.  The photo doesn't give it justice but its soooo nice!! I haven't stopped wearing it,  it has leather style quilted sleeve then a beige glittery material for the body,  I've so far worn it dressed up with heel's and casual/smart with hightop converse!  It's such a versatile jacket and I've had many compliment's.  You can find CeCouture on Ebay HERE as their website is under construction.

RANA Argan Oil

RANA Argan oil, is a skincare brand sourcing all their products from Morocco.  I loved all their product's that I ended up buying Argan oil, Rosewater, and the Clay mask.  I'm not going to go into too much details as I can't wait to try their product's and do a blog post for you all, so keep an eye out for it.  In the meantime if you wish to have a look at what they offer, you can find their website HERE.

And to top off my lovely evening me and my friend couldn't resist visiting Haagen-dazs in Leicester Square....

mmmm lovely way to end an evening!

Hope you enjoyed reading about my time at the Bloggers Love Event.  


Monday, 23 September 2013

Jo Malone Grapefruit Body & Hand Wash

Hi Beauties,

Today's post is about Jo Malone's Grapefruit Body & Hand wash.  Word's fail me, I can't seem to find the correct words to describe this bottle of beautifulness!!  I have hardly used it (as you can see from the picture) yet the minute I tried it, I knew I had to blog about it and share it straight away!!

Jo Malone has an amazing line of fragrances, body products and candles.  All their products are true to their smell, every single one of them.  Their packaging is clean cut with square elegant boxes and pretty black bow's.

I used this body wash in my shower this morning and it was the most luxurious shower I've had in a long time.  It had a strong scent of citrus with notes of rosemary, peppermint and pimento! 

Simply DIVINE, It's one of those body washes that perk you up and give's you a spring in your step!  I had a smile on my face all day today, so early in the morning too!  It's scent is so uplifting.  On top of the luxurious shower I had, the smell lingered on my skin all morning, now that's without layering it with its matching body lotion.  My bathroom smelt divine too.

I will defiantly be trying other smells in the Jo Malone range, and in the mean time I want to buy the body lotion in grapefruit, so that I can layer the two together to have an even longer lasting body fragrance throughout my day.

In term's of price it is a little dear, but you really do get what you pay for and that is luxury in a bottle!
You can purchase the Jo Malone Grapefruit Body and Hand Wash Here.

Have you used any Jo Malone's products before?


Sunday, 22 September 2013

Coconut Oil Miracle in a Jar for your skin?

Hi Beauties,

So in the past couple of months I have heard so much about coconut oil.  People say it gives them gorgeous skin, helps get rid of wrinkles, helps clear acne, helps lose weight if eaten, removes eye makeup!!  WOW, already sold on these claims I toddle off to my local health store to buy it in its most natural virgin state.

It come's in solid form but once you touch it, it becomes an oil.

Oily when touched.

I bought it from Holland & Barrett, I chose the 100% natural raw virgin, so that I didn't use any nasties on my skin.  To be honest I've only just started using it so don't know the full effects on my skin yet.

Coconut oil is great for fighting acne although its an oil, it has antibacterial, anti fungal and anti viral properties.  Having said that I've heard many people say its made them breakout so approach with caution for your face.  I on the other hand dived straight in and slathered my face in it!  So far so good no breakouts!

It keeps your skin moisturised for longer because the skin absorbs the oil more slowly.  Coconut oil is packed with antioxidants so used over a period of time can prevent and repair skin, slowing down the ageing process (YIPPEE!!).  I dab a little under my eye area before I got to bed.

I found it to be a brilliant eye makeup remover, it really removes thick eye makeup, my trick is to wet my eyes first with water so that the mascara softens, then sweep a cotton pad with coconut oil on it, gently over my eye area, and TADA make up is off using a natural product, it is a win win situation. :)

Its a great hair conditioner, having put this in my thick hair I found it really hard to wash out, I think after 3 washes I felt it had really gone,  so i'd recommend the ends of your hair only as it can really make your hair look greasy.

Lastly.... well I say lastly, but Coconut oil has MANY health benefits and beauty benefits, but losing weight is a popular claim despite it being 90% saturated fat it can help speed up your metabolism and aid digestion.  My plan is to have a spoonful of it in my coffee in the morning and see how I go.

Conclusion?  Coconut oil is not for everyone's skin type on the face, but is for everyone who wants to try out something natural in their beauty regime and diet.  I will be sticking to this for a few more weeks to see the long term effect on my skin.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience with Coconut Oil.  Have you used Coconut Oil?  Did you lose weight? Did it improve your skin or make you breakout?  I'd love to hear your experience's.  Leave your comments below.


Thursday, 5 September 2013

Favourite makeup look for a night out.

Hi beauties!

I went out for a meal with my friends on friday and I really liked my makeup look that night,  so thought I would share what I used with you...

To create this look I used a No7 primer, followed by the Christian Dior  diorskin forever flawless foundation in shade medium beige 030 and set my makeup with Stay matte powder, by Rimmel.  For my cheeks I contoured with YSL Terre Saharienne bronzing powder and for blush I used MAC Gleeful ( careful with the blush it's a very nice pigmented pink and has a very appropriate name, as too much can make you look too gleeful.. literally :) ).

Here is a pic of the products I used...

For my eyes, I used NARS new wave palette shade Pandora (I) on the inner corners and Pandora (II) on my outer corner (Vshape), on the centre of my lid I used Urban Decay in Honey (which I think they may have discontinued, but MAC do a very similar one in Goldmine), then to blend out my outer corner, I used MAC in Texture Velvet to make it look softer.  To finish the eye's, I used Eyelure Naturalites False lashes in 107 (unfortunately I didn't picture them).

Finally for my lips I used Laura Mercier in Caramel, it's a really pretty shiny nude, beautiful with a strong eye makeup look.

All done, let me know what you guys think of the look, leave your comments below. :)


Sunday, 1 September 2013


Hello Beauties!!

Guess what?  I got nominated by not ONE but TWO lovely ladies for the liebster blog award! Maddi from  and Hayley from . So chuffed!  So what is this Liebster award?  Well from what I have gathered it is an award given to new bloggers who have 200 or less followers on their blog.  This lovely award is great for newbies to get exposure in the blogging community.

The Leibster award come's with a few rules, they are as follows:-

  1. You have to link back to the person that nominated you.
  2. You must answer the 11 Liebster questions given to you by the person who nominated you.
  3. You have to nominate another 11 bloggers who have under 200 followers to pass the award to.
  4. You have to come up with 11 other questions for your nominees.
  5. You have to notify the bloggers whom you have nominated.
  6. Some bloggers can also include 11 random facts about themselves but this is optional.
So, firstly for Maddi's questions:-

 1.   What advice would you give to a new blogger?
       Just go for it, be confident about what you post and post what YOU want to post.

 2.   What is your greatest achievement so far and why?
       Getting that first follower!  The fact that one person wants to read my ramblings makes me feel           
       over the moon.  I've only been blogging for 4 weeks and to get nominated for a Liebster Award makes me          
       sooooo happy! :)

 3.   Which blog/s do you follow religiously?
       Got to be sprinkle of glitter and Tanya Burr.

 4.   What is your favourite social media network?
       Twitter!  Its great to instantly communicate with other bloggers and see whats happening!

 5.   What is your dream job? 
       Launching my own line of make up!  Would love that!

 6.   What is your favourite magazine?
        Company, Glamour and Reveal.
   7.   What is one beauty/fashion trend you don't like and/or don't understand?
         Hmmm its got to be 'SPLASHLIGHTS'  It's a two inch tall blonde streak that goes horizontally 
         across the head... not my cup of tea but maybe someone else's? 

   8.   What are three words that best describe you?
         Chatty,Passionate and honest.

   9.   What is your secret guilty pleasure?
         Eating sweets before my food and buying too much make-up.....just incase there is a shortage or
         something.... you never know! :)

   10.   What and/or who inspired you to begin blogging?
           Camilla on on youtube and Tanya Burr, both stunning ladies and give
           amazing tutorials and have lovely blogs.

   11.   If you could relive a day what would it be?
           The innocent days before I knew better and giving birth to my two daughters.

And now for Hayley's questions:-

  • Who or what inspired you to start blogging?  I would browse so many blogs and youtube tutorials and i thought i would love to share my passion with the world too.
  • What is your favourite scent or perfume?  Coco Chanel Madmoiselle is my all time favourite ......followed by Jo Malone English pear and freesia.....mmmmmm beautiful.
  • What beauty or skincare product could you not live without?  Kohl eye pencil love it, you can even smudge a little at the ends and use as an eyeshadow, has to be a soft kohl eye pencil though.  Can also line my eyes with it.... see all in one ;)
  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?  With my own successful make-up line ....happy on a beach somewhere...
  • Who is your fave designer?  I don't really have many designer clothes... I much prefer high street shops, such as Topshop, River Island, Zara, Mango, Forever21 etc....
  • Describe yourself in 5 words?.... well I said 3 above so ill just add to them.. these describe yourself's are so hard....ok so above i said Chatty, passionate and honest... so now ill throw in sarcastic and funny. :-D
  • What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?.... Haha this makes me laugh..... my list is ENDLESS.... i'm always doing really embarrassing things, they range from falling upstairs, buckling in high heels in front of everyone, going out not knowing there is a hole in my top....I could go on forever some are far too embarrassing to share with the world :-D
  • Would you rather never speak again, or be forced to speak everything that enters your mind?  I could never not speak again... surely thats impossible right?.. it would have to be speak everything that enters my mind and live with constantly flushed cheeks from all the embarrassing comments I would probably say! 
  • What is your worst habit?  Thats easy, leaving tea bags on the side of the sink.... i know, i know the bins just there....
  • If you could change one thing about yourself, would you? If so what would it be?  If you had asked me that 6 years ago you probably would have got a list!  I am far from perfect with many flaws, but I actually wouldn't change a thing!  I think as you get older (i say older, i am only in my twenties!)  you learn to embrace yourself and have confidence in who you are.  Having said that I would want to worry less!
  • Zayn Malik, Olly Murs, Lil Wayne or Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Jessie J "SNOG, MARRY, AVOID?.....eerrmmm avoid them all.....:D
So for my nominees questions, they are as follows:-

  • What is in your makeup bag right now?
  • Favourite high end and budget make-up?
  • What is your favourite perfume?
  • Favourite food?
  • If you were put on an island what 3 things would you take with you?
  • Who is your favourite blogger / Youtuber?
  • What has helped you on your Blogging journey?
  • What is your favourite sweet?
  • What is your favourite thing about yourself?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • High heels or Flats?
Lastly for my nominees ...( I apologise if you have over 200 followers or have already done a Liebster award)

To my nominees, if your up for the challenge leave a message down below so I can have a little read of all your answers.  Once again thanks to Maddi and Hayley for nominating me.  :)

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