Sunday, 22 September 2013

Coconut Oil Miracle in a Jar for your skin?

Hi Beauties,

So in the past couple of months I have heard so much about coconut oil.  People say it gives them gorgeous skin, helps get rid of wrinkles, helps clear acne, helps lose weight if eaten, removes eye makeup!!  WOW, already sold on these claims I toddle off to my local health store to buy it in its most natural virgin state.

It come's in solid form but once you touch it, it becomes an oil.

Oily when touched.

I bought it from Holland & Barrett, I chose the 100% natural raw virgin, so that I didn't use any nasties on my skin.  To be honest I've only just started using it so don't know the full effects on my skin yet.

Coconut oil is great for fighting acne although its an oil, it has antibacterial, anti fungal and anti viral properties.  Having said that I've heard many people say its made them breakout so approach with caution for your face.  I on the other hand dived straight in and slathered my face in it!  So far so good no breakouts!

It keeps your skin moisturised for longer because the skin absorbs the oil more slowly.  Coconut oil is packed with antioxidants so used over a period of time can prevent and repair skin, slowing down the ageing process (YIPPEE!!).  I dab a little under my eye area before I got to bed.

I found it to be a brilliant eye makeup remover, it really removes thick eye makeup, my trick is to wet my eyes first with water so that the mascara softens, then sweep a cotton pad with coconut oil on it, gently over my eye area, and TADA make up is off using a natural product, it is a win win situation. :)

Its a great hair conditioner, having put this in my thick hair I found it really hard to wash out, I think after 3 washes I felt it had really gone,  so i'd recommend the ends of your hair only as it can really make your hair look greasy.

Lastly.... well I say lastly, but Coconut oil has MANY health benefits and beauty benefits, but losing weight is a popular claim despite it being 90% saturated fat it can help speed up your metabolism and aid digestion.  My plan is to have a spoonful of it in my coffee in the morning and see how I go.

Conclusion?  Coconut oil is not for everyone's skin type on the face, but is for everyone who wants to try out something natural in their beauty regime and diet.  I will be sticking to this for a few more weeks to see the long term effect on my skin.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience with Coconut Oil.  Have you used Coconut Oil?  Did you lose weight? Did it improve your skin or make you breakout?  I'd love to hear your experience's.  Leave your comments below.



  1. Quite tempted to try this out for myself. Sounds like there's just so many uses, one is bound to be good!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  2. Yes I agree it's bound to work for people one way or another.


  3. Hi Hanan,

    Im using coconut oil for cooking everything at the moment, I love the smell and it tastes great too.

    It was recommended to me by my personal trainer.

    It's quite expensive though for the virgin oil, I tried the refined oil before, it was a little cheaper but it tasted horrible :/

    How much did you pay for the one from H&B?

    My Blog

  4. Hi evangeline

    Yea it has lots of health benefits of consumed! it's currently going for £14.99 in H&B at the minute.

    Thats the link for it.

    Enjoy! xx

    1. That was supposed to read 'If consumed" xxxx


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