Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Hi Beauties!!

Oh my goodness all I can say is this month I have been a naughty girl, I haven't blogged as much as I would have liked, I am going through a career change and trying to juggle my family... CHAOS!

With Halloween fast approaching I ended up doing two halloween looks as I feel most comfortable doing makeup looks.  Now my first is slightly scary ...maybe too scary for some?  I saw inspiration online and I had to recreate it....

Scary right?  So for you guys to recreate this look you will need:

  • Face Paint Red, White and Black
  • Black kohl eye pencil
  • Angled makeup brush 
  • Sponge
  • Yellow eye contact (optional)

For the normal side of my face it was just the make up I had been wearing during the day and I wiped one side of my face makeup off.

Base-  I used normal face paint that I purchased from a toy store Smyths.  Using the sponge provided and the white paint I dabbed it all on one side of my face, making sure it had dried so that I didn't drag any wet paint.

Red lines:- Now this is where you can get creative using an angled makeup brush and the red paint I drew on some red scratch marks on my forehead and filled them in, then a swirly scratch across my cheek...

Lastly teeth and eye:- The final touch using my Bourjois Kohl eyeliner pencil I drew my teeth across my face and outlined my angled dark eye, I then filled in the eye area with the black paint in the face paint palette.

Tada! All done!  to complete the look and give it that edgy look I used a yellow eye contact for more scare factor.

Quick and easy have fun recreating!



  1. You know I am all over a Halloween tutorial as Halloween is the next best thing to Christmas in my eyes. Thanks for sharing your how to lovely:)

  2. When I saw your profile picture on Twitter, it kind of scared me...hehe! You did such a good job, pretty lady!

    xo's, Lily

    1. Thanks Liliana, amazing what make up can do. xx

  3. wow looks amazing! and you have beautiful skin!
    rara from RepeatPiece

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