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RANA Argan Oil my thoughts...

Hello Beauties!!

As you may know if you read my blog, that I attended The Bloggers Love Event recently.  Whilst I was there I saw many stands one of which was Rana Argan Oil.  It was run by the lovely Eylem and Neil.  Eylem talked me through their products and told me that they had sourced their products from Morocco and that they were pure and nothing else was added to them.  Eylem then put some Argan oil on my hand and I could insistantly smell the  familiar rich nutty typical argan oil smell.  Since im a product junkie I instantly purchased a Bottle of Argan oil, Bottle of Rana Toner, and a pot of their Clay firming mask.

My lovely products from Rana Argan Oil, with a face flannel and wash bag.

Rana Argan Oil

Many of you may have heard of Argan oil before, dubbed the 'Miracle oil' or 'Liquid Gold'. This is because it is one of the rarest oils in the world, found only in Morocco along the Atlas mountains from the Argan nut tree.

So why is Argan oil so good?  Argan oil is rich in Vitamin E, and essential fatty acids which make it the perfect oil for any skin complaints it also protects against premature skin ageing by penetrating the skin deeper and neutralising against free radicals that age us (pollution, radiation, smoke etc).

It is also believed to help eczema, psoriasis and acne.  Argan oil is good for your hair making it shiny whilst also restoring dry damaged hair.  It can help reduce the look of stretch marks and scars and to help grow healthy strong nails.  The benefits are endless...

Now enough about what Argan oil can do for you more about what I thought of Rana Argan oil.  From looking at the bottle I know I was onto a winner. Rana Argan oil package their Argan oil in aluminium bottles, if argan oil is bottled in a clear bottle it has the risk of going off and rancid.  The oil its self sunk into my skin but still felt rich in consistancy, many companies who sell argan oil mix it with water and claim its 100% pure, it tends to smell less nutty and more 'nice' Argan oil is not supposed to smell 'nice'.  Rana Argan oil smells nutty and not so nice but thats how it's supposed to smell.
 I loved how it felt on my skin I have been using it at night, A little goes a long way so you only need a small amount, I put two drops in the palm of my hand and then press it into the whole of my face and up my neck.
Recently I have been mixing the oil in with the Rana Toner and Rana Firming Clay mask to make a really luxurious face mask.  I bought the larger bottle which is 100ml and retails at £23.00 HERE

Rana Toner

Rana toner is made from the roses found in morocco, also known as Damascena roses it has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, it has been known to help fade black spots (marks and scars) on the skin and clarify your skin tone, making it even and smooth.
It can also be used in the bath leaving your skin feeling supple and moisturised.

I tend to use the Rana Toner in the morning after my face wash to remove any traces of argan oil I may have on my face from the night before.

Rana Toner has a musty smell.  It comes in a handy spray bottle that I find useful throughout the day to spray on my face over my makeup ( I recently discovered it sets my makeup too).

The Rana toner came in a generous sized bottle and retails at £12.00 HERE

Clay Firming Mask

Rana Clay firming mask is also known as rhassoul/ghassoul, found and sourced in the Atlas mountains in Morocco.  It claims to heal and soothe skin, it has a high amount of natural silica that helps with acne.  It also has a tightening effect on the skin similar to botox.

When I used it I left it on for 40 mins despite on the instructions it says 10-15 mins, this should not be done as it left my face red, so I suggest sticking to the time recommended. (the redness lasted only 5mins).  As the mask dried it became rock hard on my face, I could feel it working!  When I washed it off using hot water and the Rana Argan flannel my face was the cleanest its been in a long time, I even put toner on a cotton pad to see if any dirt came off on the pad, but nothing, it was squeaky clean. My face felt firm almost like a mini face lift and everything had tightened, it closed any large pores I had.  I then put Rana argan oil after to nourish my skin.  This clay mask is by far my favourite and I can't wait to experiment with the clay.  As I mentioned above you can put the Rana toner in and a drop of Rana argan oil into the clay mask and mix together, works a treat!  This fantastic firming clay mask does what it says on the tin and retails at £13.00 for 100g HERE and since you only need a little with the water... its a bargain!

How to make Clay firming Mask

It's really simple all you have to do is get a bowl (any bowl, it doesn't have to be heart shaped :)), find a spatula or spoon and mix up with hot/warm water until a paste forms.


Here I am with my lovely looking face mask on and how the paste should look.... (yes a bit like mud :))

Just a quick note, I have not been payed to do this post nor have I been asked to do it.  It was simply because I have Moroccan roots therefor have used these products in Morocco before and know that Rana Argan oil sell authentic products so I wanted to share this lovely company with you guys.

I hope you have enjoyed my post on Rana Argan Oil and you can find all their lovely products here




  1. Thank you for sharing how to make a clay firming mask, I have sensitive skin so this is perfect for me!

    Rebecca Coco

  2. ahh glad to hear let me know how you get on xxx

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