Sunday, 13 October 2013

THE AUTUMN TAG....better late then never ....

Hi Beauties!!

I was tagged waaay back in september by the lovely Betti from Makeup'Asylum she has a great blog check her out HERE.

Autumn Tag is a series of fun questions to answer about the season Autumn and what you like..... perhaps giving inspiration to others... have fun reading.

Let's get down to business...

Favourite Drink

I find this an easy one, I'm a hot drink drinker all year round I have coffees, teas, mint teas, herbal teas and so on... so when autumn kicks in I tend to Spice them up a little, I love putting in a cinnamon stick into a normal cup of tea, you know..tetleys tea bag, splash of milk two sugars AND then a cinnamon stick! Yep! Thats right, its lovely, if you're into cinnamon defiantly try this one out.

Fave Scent/ Candle

I love warm smells during the colder months, so vanilla has to win this one, its relaxing warm and cosy another favourite is a Candle from NEXT its a festive spice that you can smell in the home even when the candle is not burning here is a picture of it.

Best Lipstick?

I love deeper colours on my lips in autumn, plums, reds, deep berry, burgandys are all really nice rich colours. My favourites at the mo are Burberry bright plum and MAC Up The Amp.  I tend to wear the strong lips in the evening and tone them down for the day.

Go to Moisturiser?

With the harsh weather taking a toll on my skin I'm really into oils at the minute, I apply the Rana Argan oil and change it up with the Coconut oil then I put Clarins Hydra quench cream to lock it all in. For my body I am using the Soap and Glory 'The Daily Smooth' body butter.  I find it really moisturising and it smells divine too!

Go to Colour for eyes?

Bring on the smokey eye! That is my fave look I love to wear it with bronzed browns, nudes, plums any rich deep colour you can smoke out.  I am loving Bourjois little round pot eyeshadows.

Favourite music to listen to?

Hmmm I had a think and I definitely don't think my taste in music changes... but what I will say is that the season tends to make me feel a little sad so I tend to wack on the Adele 21 album and sing my heart out... (in the car) :)

Favourite outfit to wear?

I live in leggings, jumper dresses, big jumpers, cute skater dresses with thick black tights, big jackets Scarves, gloves, boots, long boots, shoe heeled boots, low boots..... as you can see I love dressing for the autumn season!

Autumn treat?

I love to update my wardrobe with a few newer items, I update my makeup collection and buy loads of slippers.... you can never have enough pairs of slippers right?

Favourite place to be?

At home snuggled up on the sofa with a hot drink and a good film with my little family.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading my Autumn Tag.... until next time lovelies xxx


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