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Hair mask recipe for hair growth and shiny hair. Using olive oil, lemon and honey.

Hi Beauties,

I recently put a picture up of my hair on Instagram and said I would show you what I use for my hair... so here it is.

Using just regular household goods, so its really inexpensive and good for your hair!  Since I over process my own hair with hair colour and heat appliances I think it's only fair I give a bit of love back, so once a week I do this treatment.

So here is what I use and why:-


Olive oil is really moisturising and full of antioxidants which keeps the skin on the scalp stay healthy, moisturised and conditioned which results in better stronger hair growth.  I also heard that there is a hormone called DTH and this hormone causes the hair follicles to narrow, resulting in hair loss!  Olive oil apparently stops this hormone from narrowing your hair follicles so you can have hair for longer...YAY more olive oil please not to mention it makes your hair shiny too.


The acid in Lemons helps exfoliate the scalp of any dead skin cells AKA dandruff and so in turn makes our scalps clearer and healthier for healthy hair growth.  Thats where the olive oil (above ) comes in handy as it then moisturises the scalp, as the acidy lemon can be drying.
Lemon has been know to strengthen hair roots and give shiny hair.
For you blondes out there if you use lemon on your hair in the sun it can lighten it, but use with caution as it can be drying.


Honey has lots of health benefits and has antibacterial qualities.  It is known as a Humectant which basically means it locks in moisture and again keeping the scalp clean and moisturised leaving the hair shiny and glossy.

So now you know why I use all of those products, mixing them together only seems to make sense as they all compliment each other.
I have noticed a huge difference in my hair, it seems to have gotten longer quicker and looks more healthier.  I've even had people asking me if I use hair extensions!

Ok so this is how to make it.

Step 1
Heat the olive oil in a pan, then wait for it to cool, but not get cold, basically enough to be able to touch it and not burn yourself.  Use as much olive oil as you like depending on your hairs thickness and length.

Step 2
Squeeze lemon into a bowl and pour in some honey, I used a whole lemon and about 4 tablespoons of honey for my hair.  Then pour the warm olive oil into the bowl and mix mix mix...

Step 3
On dry unwashed hair section your hair, I did 4 sections, 2 on top and 2 on the bottom, then I covered my hair in the olive oil, lemon and honey mix, making sure it was all massaged into my scalp and I brushed it through.

Step 4
Tie your hair up in a bun, then using cling film wrap it up and then wrap it again with a scarf or towel to keep it in place.  The natural heat from your head will warm up the cling film and keep the heat trapped in, helping the honey and olive oil absorb more into your hair.

Step 5
Leaving it on as long as you like, I tend to leave mine on overnight.  Wash it off with shampoo and conditioner and you're done!!

If you rinse your hair in cold water it makes it REALLY shiny.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post,  What treatments do you use for your hair?



  1. I do a similar mask,and it has helped my hair loads,'specially after dyeing your hair.

  2. Yea I couldn't agree more!! :)

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