Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Sleek makeup face contour kit review

Hi Beauties,

How are all my beauties doing I hope we are all good? So today I am going to tell you about a product that I have been a little bit obsessed with lately...

Now, firstly Sleek is such an amazing brand most of their products are highly pigmented and for the price it's shockingly good!  So beauties I would like to present to you Sleek makeup face contour kit!!

If like me you have been a little obsessed with the whole contouring thing on the face (I watch endless youtube videos...HELP!), or even if you are not as obsessed as me but perhaps a little curious and want to have a play with contouring, but don't know where to start and don't want to fork out too much money on a product that you may not even like or use again then I CAN NOT RECOMMEND THIS ENOUGH :) (smily face... i'm not shouting at you hehe).

It retails at £6.49 (yes that's not a typo error) and has 14g of product which is a generous amount and you don't need a lot of it.  It contains a dark shade and a light shade. It comes in 3 different colour shades so is really versatile for a wide range of skin colours.  Its is available in Light, Medium and Dark.

So what is contouring I hear some of you say... Well basically it helps sculpt our face, so if some of you have always wanted defined cheekbones then this Sleek makeup face contour kit will help you achieve those to die for cheekbones.  The idea is that the dark shade creates shadows on the face so you can use it in the hollows of your cheeks (you know when you suck your cheeks in and get the fish face look), jaw line and temples some use it to contour their noses to make it appear slimmer, so apply it on the sides of the nose.  The light shade reflects the light so it appears more obvious, so you would place it on the apples of your cheeks, down the bridge of your nose and so on.

The sleek makeup face contour kit has everything you need in one easy compact.  It has a large mirror which is really handy for applying your other makeup too.

This is the medium colour I selected.

The arm swatch.  A little goes a long way as you can see and the light shade is pretty and shimmery.

Face swatch

I don't think I have any down sides to this product.  Its a dainty little compact that can easily fit in your handbag, the product is worth it as I keep saying, it's really pigmented and the price is really good.  What I might say is that I brought the 'medium' shade in hindsight I probably should have got the 'light' shade as it probably would have blended better.  Other then that I am very happy!! You can purchase from HERE  and HERE  *Goes to sleek makeup website to purchase the contour kit in shade light* .....defiantly obsessed...

What's your contouring products?


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