Monday, 1 December 2014

Tesco Beauty Advent Calendar 24 days of Beauty:- Day 1- Eylure lashes and my TIPS

Hi Beauties!

It has been some time since I blogged but I assure you there is a good reason (well I hope you all see it as a good enough reason) keep checking the blog to find out :)

Soooo as you all probably know it's the 1st of DECEMBER! A very festive month for us all, whether you choose to celebrate it or not we all get drawn into the festive offers in store and  all the bright lights around!  It is also the time of year when blogggers do blogmas and vloggers do vlogmas.  It simply means that you blog or vlog everyday of December preferably all christmassy and festive related.

Now I am aware I have been slacking so I don't want to make any promises as yet, but I recently purchased a beauty advent calendar from Tesco!  I thought it would be really exciting to show you everyday what I get in the calendar and if I'm brave enough a few other non related advent calendar posts in between.

I present to you.... the 1st day of December surprise....

I personally couldn't have asked for anything better.  I love eye related products and false lashes are my number one favourite item!

You get the number 116 which is lengthening, perfect for a day look or evening look.
All my friends come to me when they want them stuck on so I seem to be a little bit of a pro at applying them.

Here are my tips at applying a set of lashes.

1) Apply all your makeup first including liquid eyeliner if you are using it.

2) Personally I don't apply mascara to my lashes until AFTER I have stuck lashes on, I find this works better for me as the strip sticks better.

3) Line up the strip and if its too long, trim the outer edge little by little until you are happy with how they sit.

4) Apply the glue to the strip lash line and with a pair of tweezers whoosh them around in the air so it becomes a little bit tacky.

5) Then look down and with your tweezers  place on lash line really really close to the root,  then flip tweezers around using the blunt side and gently press all free edges into place.

6) Slowly look up making sure you haven't accidentally stuck a few from your bottom lashes onto the top, if you have don't panic, using the blunt side of the tweezers look to the side and release them.

7) Once you are finally happy with how they are sitting apply your liquid liner close to the strip lash line to help conceal it more and with a mascara wand press your natural lashes onto your strip, don't  apply up and down like you would normally literally press it into the lashes, for me this acts like an extra safety barrier.

Hopefully with all those steps in place you will have long flirty fluttery lashes all night and they won't lift either!

Let me know how you get on, does any one else have a Beauty advent calendar and will you be sharing your goodies too?


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