Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Hi Beauties,

Today we talk eyebrows... Eyebrows are what frame our eyes and face.  If they are not looking groomed then nothing else on the face sits well.

If you want to fill in your eyebrows but want avoid the big caterpillar eyebrow look then always have an eyebrow brush ready because this is your secret to good eyebrows.  Whenever you apply product to your eyebrows do it slowly, It is not a race or competition, if you pace yourself you can reflect on what you're doing. Using the brush, to brush threw your eyebrows every step of the way as it helps distribute the product evenly throughout.

Brush your eyebrows, then if you have stray hairs that don't sit in place and are unruly, trim them if you feel brave enough or use an eyebrow wax.  This should help your brows sit nicely so that you see where all your gaps may be.

In this video I used  the  Maybelline Brow satin pencil and sponge applicator in the shade medium brown.  If you want to avoid the look of a harsh brow then always choose a shade lighter then your hair colour.  

Draw an outline around your eyebrows, so that you can frame them and see what shape you want your eyebrows to be.  Then once you are happy with the way it looks you can start to fill them in.

Always start from the tail end first and work your way to the front, remember to go a little light handedly as you get closer to the front so that you get that natural gradiant effect.

Last but not least to finish the eyebrow look, this is of course optional, you can go around the frame of your eyebrow with a concealer, to clean up uneven edges and make your brows look immaculate.

Remember eyebrows are sisters and not twins. 

If you would like to watch how I fill in my eyebrows then you can watch the video below.  If you want to see more videos like this then don't forget to like, comment and subscribe so that you can see when I upload new videos.




Thursday, 20 October 2016


Hi Beautiful,

How have you been gorgeous? I created a Youtube video on this really pretty navy blue eye makeup look.
The main colours I used for the blue shade were by Makeup geek cosmetics.  Marlena from makeup geek cosmetics has really created some beautiful, pigmented shades.  

I focused on the eye makeup for this look, whilst keeping the rest of the makeup a neutral nude tone.  The main shades for this look were Boo Berry and Centre Stage.  Boo Berry is a denim blue shade which has a grey undertone and a matt finish, whilst Centre stage is a royal blue foiled shade which has a metallic finish.  I layered the two shades to get a really pretty intense look.

If you want to see me in action to see how I created this look then keep scrolling down and watch my video on youtube.

Centre Stage

Boo Berry

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Do you have any makeup geek cosmetic shades?   Which are your favourites, I would love to hear....


Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Youtube and MAC Lipstick Collection

Hi Beautiful!,

I haven't disappeared, no I've been busy creating videos for you all on Youtube!  It was fun trying to figure out how to edit etc, but I've got there in the end and I am having fun with it.
So from today I will be posting on here videos I have created on Youtube so that you can access them here as well.

I am using @beautybyhanan on all my social media so that it's easier for you to find me.
This is my video on my MAC lipstick collection. Click on the picture below.


What are your favourite lipsticks? 

Lipsticks in this video and their finishes-

MAC -CREME D'NUDE- cremesheen finish
MAC- RAVISHING- cremesheen finish
MAC- VIVA GLAM NICKI- satin finish
MAC- PLEASE ME- matte finish
MAC- UP THE AMP- amplified finish
MAC- PINK NOUVEAU- satin finish
MAC- HONEY LOVE- matte finish
MAC- VEGAS VOLT- amplified finish
MAC- MYTH- satin finish
MAC- SNOB- satin finish
MAC- FLESHPOT- matte finish
MAC- PINK PIGEON- matte finish
MAC- RUBY WOO- matte finish
MAC- DIVA- matte finish

I am loving interacting with you guys thank you so much for all your love and support so far.  Please continue to like comment and subscribe and i would love any video suggestions.

Thank you so much for watching!


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Cranberry eye makeup look- Makeup Addiction Cosmetics

Hi Beauties, 

I discovered Makeup Addiction Cosmetics while looking on Instagram #makeupaddictioncosmetics, there seemed to be a hype going around with their makeup palette called FLAME.  All the girls were posting gorgeous looks using this one palette and I was hearing that the colours were really pigmented.  So I kept scrolling down their page and thought, right I have to try this palette out.

The colours are a mix of 3 matte shades and 5 metallic shades.  The matte shades are earthy and great as transition shades, also brilliant for building up depth. The metallics are vibrant and bold with 2 neutral colours.

Here I created a look using the shades marked on the palette above. Shade 1 is Whisper, 2 Eden, and 3 is Flaming kisses. 
I used 1 on the inner corner, then I applied 3 all over blending it in, then to give the look some dimension, I applied 2 in the centre and again blended it all in.
I finished this eye look with a winged eyeliner and lashes.

ALL the colours in this palette are VERY pigmented, sometimes in eyeshadow palettes some are more pigmented than others, however with this one they all are.  The are really rich and have a buttery texture!  Love this palette Thank You Makeup Addiction Cosmetics!

Have you tried this palette? What did you think of it?


Thursday, 14 January 2016


Hi Beautifuls,

Today on the blog we talk skincare! I personally love skincare it's the foundation to a really good makeup base, without a good base chances are your makeup won't look as flawless as you would like.

I like to change up my skincare every now and then, as our skin can get used to the same product and not work as effectively.  Thats not always true to everyone but I find that true for myself.  There are always new things out to try, so being the beauty junkie that I am I have to try everything.

My AM goes a little like this,

In the morning I like to wash my face in The Body Shop Tea Tree cool and creamy wash all over as I like its reviving tingling feeling in the morning it wakes me up also with it having tea tree in it, it helps control any breakouts.
 Then I use the Origins GinZing eye cream for my AM as it has this instant brightening effect around the eyes, its for dark circles puffiness, I can honestly say it has defintly helped me with mine. It actually works, it leaves a sheer white glow to the eye area.
To complete my morning ritual I use the REN global protection day cream, this is from their sensitive range as I wanted something that was soothing for my ever so slightly sensitive skin, my skin type tends to change with the weather.  It has omega 3 and 7 oils that help sooth and calm the skin and protect against pollution and irritants.
I don't spend too long on my face routine in the morning, as I don't have that much time in the mornings this is just enough to make me feel my skin is clean fresh and prepped ready for my makeup application.

My PM goes something like this,

I wear makeup EVERYDAY and I love it!  However In the evening I love nothing more than washing it all off and chilling in my jim jams and cosy socks.

 To make sure I get everything off I start with taking off the bulk of my makeup with the Johnson makeup be gone refreshing face wipes, these are a little oily feeling and I find them the best at softening stubborn mascara, these tend to get the bulk of my makeup off.
 I then double cleanse with the REN gentle cleansing milk, this soothes my skin and smells amazing, it has, fennel extract to destress the skin, Omega 3 and 7 to sooth and calm, and calendula oil to heal.

With two cotton pads I use the Pixie Glow tonic up my neck and all over my face avoiding the eye area, this tonic is a godsend wish I had discovered it sooner, it seems to really clarify my skin tone, it looks brighter and clearer.  It has an exfoliating effect with aloe vera and ginseng.

I then apply the REN young and beautiful firm and lift eye cream, it helps keeps my eye area hydrated at night, this can also be used in the day but I prefer the origins for its brightening effect in the AM and this for the PM. It helps lift and firm the eye area, although I don't think I need it just yet, I am a strong believer in prevention is better than cure. I like how it feels light weight in the eye area ad instantly absorbs.

Twice a week I apply a face mask, I am currently using The Body Shop Seaweed oil balancing clay mask, it helps tighten my pores, makes my skin feel really clean, draws out impurities, and helps balance my oily T-zone.

Finally I alternate my night cream with an oil and a cream, I am currently using The Body shop Vitamin E Night cream and the Kiehls Midnight recovery concentrate.  The Vitamin E cream is very thick and hydrating I love how it makes my skin feel plump, hydrated and smooth.  The Kiehls Midnight recovery concentrate, smells AMAZING it doesn't look or feel like it does much, as you only need 2/3 drops of the oil but by the morning it really does something lovely to my skin, it looks and feels more radiant and smoother.

There you have it, thats my current skincare... no doubt it will change again as we head into spring.  These products have really worked for me at the moment and I am having a really good couple of 'good skin months'.  Whats your current skincare favourites?

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