Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Hi Beauties,

Today we talk eyebrows... Eyebrows are what frame our eyes and face.  If they are not looking groomed then nothing else on the face sits well.

If you want to fill in your eyebrows but want avoid the big caterpillar eyebrow look then always have an eyebrow brush ready because this is your secret to good eyebrows.  Whenever you apply product to your eyebrows do it slowly, It is not a race or competition, if you pace yourself you can reflect on what you're doing. Using the brush, to brush threw your eyebrows every step of the way as it helps distribute the product evenly throughout.

Brush your eyebrows, then if you have stray hairs that don't sit in place and are unruly, trim them if you feel brave enough or use an eyebrow wax.  This should help your brows sit nicely so that you see where all your gaps may be.

In this video I used  the  Maybelline Brow satin pencil and sponge applicator in the shade medium brown.  If you want to avoid the look of a harsh brow then always choose a shade lighter then your hair colour.  

Draw an outline around your eyebrows, so that you can frame them and see what shape you want your eyebrows to be.  Then once you are happy with the way it looks you can start to fill them in.

Always start from the tail end first and work your way to the front, remember to go a little light handedly as you get closer to the front so that you get that natural gradiant effect.

Last but not least to finish the eyebrow look, this is of course optional, you can go around the frame of your eyebrow with a concealer, to clean up uneven edges and make your brows look immaculate.

Remember eyebrows are sisters and not twins. 

If you would like to watch how I fill in my eyebrows then you can watch the video below.  If you want to see more videos like this then don't forget to like, comment and subscribe so that you can see when I upload new videos.



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